Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Lets help Layla Grace

So many of us were touched by the story of a remarkably strong little girl named Layla Grace, who lost her battle with Neuroblastoma this week. To see such a precious being go through such a horrible ordeal in such a short time, is heartbreaking.

As a parent myself, I can not even begin to imagine what it was like for her parents. My heart goes out to them!

But we want to help! 20% of all sales (originally it was 10%) this week will be donated to Layla Grace's cause. Originally we were going to donate to Cancer research but we are now going to be donating to help pay medical bills.

To encourage everyone to purchase we will be offering everyone 10% off their purchase as well. SO, doing the math, 20% goes to Layla Grace's medical bills and her family and 10% will be discounted for you! Just type the code LAYLAGRACE at check out.

Casey Gerwer
Owner of Designed For Babies, Inc.
Mom to BGGB quadruplets born 1/08
Trey, Reid, Cameron & Brady


  1. That is SO awesome of you to do!! You are a special person!!!!!

  2. Completely OFF subject, I was flipping through my Parents Magazine and saw you in the "Girls Night Out" Section talking about Salsa dancing!!

    Love that idea. I wish my hubby would be home at a good time so he could watch my twins and singleton and I could go do something like that in Dallas as well :)

  3. I am not sure why my original comment went to this one... it was supposed to go to the one with the McNulty's.

    But there was a reason it did!! It gave me a chance to read what you were doing for poor little Layla Grace. I am going to purchase a thing or two Friday. Thank you for doing this for the Marsh family


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