Thursday, March 4, 2010

How did this happen?

I often ask myself the same question MULTIPLE times a day! And no, I'm not talking about how I ended up with quadruplets, I'm talking about starting Designed For Babies, Inc.!

A little about me and my crazy dream behind this company. I found out in August of 2008, I was pregnant with quadruplets. WHAT? WITH WHAT? That's pretty much how the whole first day of me knowing went. My husband Robbie on the other hand, SMILING FOR ABOUT 2 STRAIGHT WEEKS! Don't get me wrong, i was very happy, but very concerned about the high risk pregnancy.

Fast forwarding a little, I remember being in bed, where I resided most of my pregnancy, "browsing" the Internet. Window shopping if you will. I found myself searching and searching for cute, well fitting gear I could sport as a proud mother of multiples. I mean, just because I was about to be completely worn out with the little ones arriving, didn't mean I still didn't want to look good. And most of all, be comfortable! I mean, loading four infant seats with infants in them, a stroller on a hitch behind your car, diaper bag for four, A LOT of sweating is involved. So nothing over the top, just a cute, comfy tee that represented who I truly was... A very sweaty, over tired, running behind, yet stylish, PROUD MOM that I am!

During my searching, I would say to my husband, "I wish there was a store I could get cute digs at that fit well, were still stylish and showed Mom's STILL can dress fantastic. And what about cute gear for multiples and dads of multiples?". And with that, the dream was born. One day, after the kids were here, and I was still saying it, he actually said to me "well, maybe you could start a store and then you would be helping a lot of people out who feel the same way". After I promptly laughed for about 10 minutes of the thought of me SQUEEZING in building a retail company into my ALREADY chaotic life, I actually took it seriously.

I started with getting feed back from others moms I knew about what they thought. Feedback about modern day apparel, developmental toys, diaper bags, things that were hard to find, and so on.

In May 2009, the real work started. The very beginning stages of forming a business began and there was no turning back. I worked a couple days a week outside of the house, while spending the rest of the days with my kids. When they would nap or go down for the night, back to work it was. With the support I got from my husband and my friends, I made it happen!

December 1st, I introduced what i refer to as my 5th baby, to the world. I laid it all on the line and was so proud i went for it! Designed For Babies, Inc.

Moms... were a proud people... and we have every right to be so. Being a mom is the hardest job you can do. THERE IS NEVER TIME OFF! You are even there for them and thinking of them when you sleep, when your out of town, when they are sleeping, its never ending! We give our everything to our families and wouldn't change a thing. We feel the same about our wonderful kids and our undying support from our husbands. Hell, they need some recognition too! You know, like a stylish tee telling the WORLD how wonderful they are (wink, wink).

So stop searching, and get to shopping at Designed For Babies! You know you want to!

ESPECIALLY WHEN ALL LONG SLEEVES ARE 20% off! Out with the "cold" and in with the new!

And coming up soon, we have some great discounts coming up... just "cause"!

Casey Gerwer
Designed For Babies, Inc.
Proud Mom to BGGB Quadruplets born 1/08
Trey, Reid, Cameron & Brady

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