Monday, March 1, 2010

Let's get this blogging started!!!

Designed For Babies is EVERYWHERE!! You can find us everywhere online, including Twitter, Facebook and now Blogger!!! I mean, how many opportunities to shop for great items are there?

PLEASE stay tuned as we vamp up our blog, bring you the latest and greatest in all that Designed For Babies has to offer.

As you ALREADY know, we already feature SUPER CUTE gear for Moms, Dads, Infants, Toddlers and Grandparents, SPECIALIZING in all things multiples! Along with developmental toys from environmentally friendly companies. We are also UBER HAPPY to be the EXCLUSIVE seller of Luci Bag's Mom Bags. I mean, custom picked fabric, handmade design, upmost style... DOES IT GET ANY BETTER THAN THAT!!!

Lets face it Moms, as much attention as our cute kids get, WE should get some too by dressing the part! The casual, fun, sassy moms we are!! We may be sleep deprived but we will never lose that fun style and attitude!!

What are we working on adding at the moment? Glad you asked! Well.... A TON!!!!!!!!!

Here is a short list for you to ponder... with full details as they come in!
- Toddler tables (setting twins up to sextuplets... Oh baby!)
- Spring/Summer line of infant/toddler/kids clothing that will have you wanting to hug your "lil monster" every time you see them!
- Boppy products. Because we ALL use them!
- Plan Toys and their fantastic line of environmentally friendly toys.
- More feeding accessories!
- Fantastic and stylish gear for the mom to be (x2, x3, or x4). Because you should always look better than you feel :)
- Mom and Dad's apparel that is sure to turn heads but also have you LOVING the comfort!
- Fun accessories for all you with daughters out there (sorry boys, girls just want to have fun)

So BOOKMARK US, follow us on Twitter or Facebook and MOST OF ALL, VISIT US AT

We will be giving out coupon codes, sale items and giving you the jump on must haves!

We will keep you updated and get our PLAIN blog made up into something DESIGNED FOR BABIES worthy!!!!!

Casey Gerwer
Owner of Designed For Babies, Inc.
Mom of Trey, Reid, Cameron & Brady
BGGB Quadruplets born January 08


  1. SOOO excited you have a blog. Could you put a code to access your button on here? I just realized I don't have it on my page! Love you!

  2. Awesome! So thrilled for any Aunt stuff yet?

  3. This is so freaking awesome! Love you girl!!


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