Thursday, May 13, 2010

It’s HOT Outside

Summer Time is officially here and it’s getting HOT and we need to shed some clothes!!!

All apparel will be 33 percent off through Saturday the 15th. 
For Example…..

$24.00 Tees will be $16.08hotmama-shirt-teal250px
$16.00 Tees will be $10.72seeingdoubles-shirt-navy

Items that are already marked down are eligible too.
The Angel Mom Shirts will be $13.40angel5Angel Kid Shirts will be $8.04Angel1 Proud Mother Of… Distressed Tees $10.05proudmotherofquads-shortsleeve-black250px Skull and Crossbones Tees $6.70
a2  Enter code
33OFF at checkout!! 

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To Go Shopping!

Happy Summer!

1 comment:

  1. I just put on the "Just like Mommy" & "Just like Daddy" tees on my kiddos today. They got so many ohhhs & ahhhs from everyone - it was adorable to see how proud they were with their tees! Thanks!!


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